Welcome to us, and thank you for being interested in how Community Councils (and you) can benefit the community. Please take a look around. A Community Council – while it has links to government – is not an elected government organisation. Members of a Community Council participate on a voluntary basis, and it is run by local residents. The residents act on behalf of the area the Council is set up in. A Community Council is set up by the Local Authority, by statute.

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Information about community Councils

The website has been designed for everyone from Community Councillors (both new and experienced), constituents, local authority members, and parliamentarians. Or even just for anyone interested in community Councils. The aim of this site is to empower councils and to provide all the information need to gain a better understanding of how Community Councils work, and how to have to most impact within the community.

A Community Council plays a very important role in the democracy of Scotland, as they represent the most local tier of elected representation of the community. As such, this website is designed to promote community councils, and also to support them and the members. Here you will find background information on Community Council Areas, the structure of Community Councils, the different roles played in a Community Council, the history of Community Councils, and much more. You will also find advice and resources to assist you with running a council. You will also have access to some in-depth research on the success of Community Councils.