What is a Community Council?

Community-Council-puzzleA Community Council is not an elected government organisation (although it does have links to government). It is purely voluntary, and is run by local residents. The residents act on behalf of the area the Council is set up in. A Community Council is set up by the Local Authority, by statute.

Local Authorities and Community Councils

There are 32 Local Authorities in Scotland. They consist of councillors that elected every 5 years. The councillors get elected by means of voting by registered voters, in the council areas.

It is the statutory duty of local authorities to consult community councils when it comes to matters of planning, development and other matters that will have a direct impact on the local community. While the local authority is required to consult the community councils, the community council doesn’t actually have a direct say in service delivery.

Becoming a member of a Community Council

As a Community Council is a voluntary organisation, they are comprised of people who really care about their local area and community, and who want to take steps to improve the community.

To become a member of the council, one has to be elected to the position. The local authority will determine the elections, and the candidates are not allowed to stand on a party-political ticket, according to the law.

The importance of a Community Council

A Community Council plays a very important role in the democracy of Scotland, as they represent the most local tier of elected representation of the community.

Community Councils don’t only represent the local community to the local authority. They also contribute to the well-being of the community by planning and facilitating a range of activities. These activities bring the locals together for various causes.

Community Councils also play a big role in promoting and protecting the identity of the community they represent.