Why live in Scotland?

JS52544256There is more to Scotland than being England’s noisy neighbour with questionable culinary delicacies. Here are the top ten reasons why Scotland is an awesome place to live.

1. The space

Scotland has masses of wide open, beautiful space with breath-taking beauty. Even from the centre of a major city, you are just a short drive away to nature.

2. The architecture

Glasgow and Edinburgh have stunning architecture that has stood the test of time. Edinburgh’s Old Town will take you back to medieval times, while the New Town brings you up to the age of neoclassical architecture. And many buildings in Aberdeen were built of granite.

3. The drinks

Of course, there’s the whisky and five distinct whisky-producing regions. But there is also exceptional craft beers and botanical gin being brewed at the many micro-breweries popping up around Scotland.

4. The education

Not only are Scottish universities highly respected worldwide, but for Scottish citizens or for students from a qualifying non-UK EC country, tuition is free!

5. The islands

The country includes 790 islands! Think of all the travelling.

6. The castles

Of the 3000 castles originally thought to be built in Scotland, about 17 still stand today. Tours are offered that will take you around to visit the castles.

7. The home of golf

Scotland is considered to be the home of golf! More specifically, the golf course St Andrew’s Links.

8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter was first penned by J.K. Rowling at a small café ‘The Elephant House’ in Edinburgh.

9. The Loch Ness

A must-see attraction, this mythical creature brings tourists from all over the world.

10. The national animal

A unicorn. Yes – it is true. Scotland’s national animal is one that doesn’t even exist. (It was adopted as the national animal in the 1300’s by King Robert when unicorns were thought to be real. It was never changed.)